Process Post #3

Here we go again! This is actually my second time using WordPress to create a personal/educational website. The first time that I did it, I was taking an online design class as a part of my Broadcasting Program that I completed in 2017. It was a static portfolio page that we had to post our past projects and resume on. So it’s very frustrating that I am still struggling with WordPress. I have been having sooooo much trouble with figuring out how to map out my page. I really want to have a clear and concise menu. I don’t want to have visitors confused about where to find things on my page. I know that I need to ask for help in how I’m getting things to post. I watched another youtube tutorial on WordPress to try and sort out my issues around this. This video taught me about the use of categories so I tried to implement these practices so that I could try to have my page a bit more organized. Using Categories has made things post better into the places I want them to go. But I think it has caused me to have a couple duplicate posts or Menu options. I noticed that one of my very first posts has gone missing. I cannot find it anywhere on my page, so I may have accidentally deleted it. 🙁

A collage showing the different menu options I want my site to offer.
Collage I made about my ideal website Menu.
  • I want my page to highlight the Home Page (which I still need to populate with content).
  • Then I want it to highlight Hidden Gems and those video posts.
  • I want to then have my PUB 101 content – so that’s the process posts, mini assignments and peer reviews.
  • I’m happy to then have my About page.
  • And then I think that it makes sense to have my call to action which is the Contact Me page.
  • I don’t want too many sidebar widgets because I find them very distracting when I visit other sites.
A screenshot of my website homepage and menu bar.

The colour scheme of my site it all wrong as well. My favicon is one that I had previously used and is pink. This theme Ashe, has a default of oranges and a type of beige. Which I like… but, there is little cohesiveness in terms of colours for my site. I currently don’t post on social media. So I think I need to pick one of my social media accounts to post about my site on. The accounts I have are Facebook (lots of family and friends from around the world), Instagram (usually only post travel updates and on my birthday) and Twitter (though I don’t know my twitter login at the moment its been years since I tweeted). I think I need to consider what platform the people who I want to see my page would most likely be on.

Guess I have a lot to figure out.

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