Welcome to Alexiscornwall.ca

I identify as She/Her

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You have found yourself on my website

I appreciate you visiting my site and I hope you will find a Hidden Gem of your very own. Always evolving and trying to learn, I believe we must vanquish mediocrity and step into our authentic selves. Which does mean sometimes getting a little bit weird. 😜

Where Hidden Gems originates

Thrifting and secondhanding is a major part of my life. I want to try and reduce my social and environmental impact through my everyday purchases. I am definitely not here to judge though. Nobody’s perfect and it has always been a journey filled with lessons.

My humble approach to life

It is hard for me to encapsulate so much personality into a digital space. But for you, the fans, I am willing to take on the task. I want to spread kindness and joy wherever I go. And if I can help the planet too, well then I think I’m just your average superhero. 🦸🏿‍♀️