Process Post #2

A Vision board that I created when I first started working on my website.

I’m really not good with technology. So this class was daunting to say the least but now that I’m actually doing it… it’s even harder!! No. No. I’m just kidding. The reality is, I have been having so many technical difficulties from me posting things and them disappearing, not having enough space on my computer to run any basic programs and the camera that I planned on filming my projects with ended up breaking.

I originally setup my website as a portfolio website which was not really the point of this class. So I had to rethink that. I knew from the jump that I wanted to make my life 10X more difficult and do videos. Obviously I’m joking about wanting to make my life more difficult but I knew if I wanted to go with this idea, I would feel better doing my posts as Vlogs as I feel my personality can shine better that way.

I had to watch a couple tutorials so that I could get the basics of things down. It started with me watching a youtube tutorial on how to use iMovie once I got my laptop working (finally).

I then figured I needed a little refresher on how to use WordPress so I watched this short video tutorial.

I also found it helpful to look at some of the other sites students in the class were working on. The sites that I visited to get inspiration included , and .

I really liked the photo elements on I absolutely loved the colourful nature of And I really admire the clean and organized navigation on

I decided to complete my About page first because I believe I know a lot on that particular subject. I think I chose to post a lot of photos on my About page because I wanted to embody that colourful feeling that I even represented when I made my vision board. I feel like the vision board was vague (as they are meant to be) and it’s really cool to see that I’ve narrowed in on my topic and the direction I plan on taking my website towards.

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