• Hidden Gems With Alexis Episode 2

    Here we are! We are right back to it! Soooo….. let’s set the scene. You walk into a thrift store. And you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things on the racks and on the different shelves and departments. Well that is exactly why I am here for you. No need to be scared or overwhelmed. This episode of Hidden Gems is special because I will show you some of my favourite pieces. But also, I have some great tips for the beginner thrifter. There is no judgement out in the thrifting and secondhand world! So get out there and try out my basic tips for a beginner and…

  • Process Post #4

    What audience have I envisioned thus far? When I think about “Hidden Gems” and the people I think I am directing it towards, I think the answer as to who my audience is, is not as obvious as it seems. I mean, of course I would most likely try to gear it towards people in my general age group of 19-30 year olds. Maybe people who already love thrifting and get a high from a good deal like myself. But I also think I want to narrow it down even more. The type of people that I want to target are those who know about thrifting (so they understand the…

  • Hidden Gems with Alexis

    All of the items shown in this video are from Wildlife Thrift Store. They have 2 locations in the lower mainland but I usually shop at my local Wildlife Thrift Store in my neighbourhood of Marpole (South Vancouver). I love supporting Wildlife Thrift Stores because they actually support great organizations such as Coast Mental Health Foundation, Gathering Place Community Center and one of my favourite non-profit organizations Covenant House. It feels good to shop somewhere that is more socially conscious than most big box stores. And it feels even better to know that they are backing local community initiatives. Leave a comment with your favourite local thrift store!