Process Post #4

What audience have I envisioned thus far?

When I think about “Hidden Gems” and the people I think I am directing it towards, I think the answer as to who my audience is, is not as obvious as it seems. I mean, of course I would most likely try to gear it towards people in my general age group of 19-30 year olds. Maybe people who already love thrifting and get a high from a good deal like myself. But I also think I want to narrow it down even more. The type of people that I want to target are those who know about thrifting (so they understand the concept of previously owned items being resold) but are apprehensive about it for various reasons. Some of those reasons could be stigma around secondhand items; it could be stereotypes around the people that shop in these kinds of places. It could even be cultural which I think can add interesting viewpoints that are worth exploring. I feel like through the process of making this page, and, making my Vlog posts I have tried to keep the general format laid back and chill; much like the language I use. I want my audience to feel educated in the environmental benefits second-handing produces. But more than anything, I want my audience to feel like second-handing is accessible. When I say accessible, I mean it’s not only for the fashion aficionados of the world. Thrifting isn’t only for the Main Street hipsters. And clothing swaps aren’t just for the broke!

Gender identity is not something I have considered my website to have placed any specific bias towards. I feel I have never tried to gear my website in any specific direction in that regard. Ideally my posts can remain inclusive to any visitor to my site. I plan on posting more content in relation to housewares and furniture which I believe is gender neutral. Not to mention a feature on mens clothing as well. I want to keep it unisex for the most part. However, I do recognize that I have more of a slant towards a 26 year old black woman’s world view(because, well… that’s just what I am!).

My audience is young people, trying to save money, trying to do their part for the environment and trying to have a sense of style that is not just copy and pasted.

Just a lil meme I made. ;P

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