Hidden Gems With Alexis Episode 2

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Here we are! We are right back to it! Soooo….. let’s set the scene. You walk into a thrift store. And you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things on the racks and on the different shelves and departments. Well that is exactly why I am here for you. No need to be scared or overwhelmed. This episode of Hidden Gems is special because I will show you some of my favourite pieces. But also, I have some great tips for the beginner thrifter. There is no judgement out in the thrifting and secondhand world! So get out there and try out my basic tips for a beginner and I dare you to tell me they didn’t work for ya. You’ll thank me later… And so will your wallet 😉.

Stores mentioned in this video:

  • Value Village – E Hastings St. – It’s 500m from the R5 Bus stop that goes from SFU to downtown!
  • Wildlife Thrift Store – Downtown – If you can make it to Granville Street to go clubbing, you can defs make it over here 😉. It is just 1 block over from Davie and Granville.
  • Copenhagen Thrift Store – I wish I could say! There were so many thrift and vintage stores in the city so I’m not 100% sure the name of the one I went to. But I can say that you defs gotta visit Copenhagen 🇩🇰 !

Check out this random Royal parade that passed by while I was out exploring the city of Copenhagen!

Turns out it was Princess Marie of Denmark’s Birthday and that parade was to celebrate her!

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